Gute Laune in der Lederhose

Morgan (links) mit seinem Kumpel und Tagada-WM-Organisator Marc Germeshausen

Morgan (links) mit seinem Kumpel und Tagada-WM-Organisator Marc Germeshausen

Morgan Ellis aus Nordirland hat seinen ersten Villacher Kirchtag erlebt und schildert seine „bierigen“ Eindrücke.

Beim Anstich des Kirchtagszwickls im Brauhof habe ich Morgan Ellis aus Belfast kennengelernt. Der 22-jährige Nordire lebt als „europäischer Freiwilliger“ ein Jahr in Villach, wo er im Jugendzentrum der Stadt arbeitet. Von einem Kirchtag (den man natürlich NICHT mit Churchday übersetzt) hat er noch nie etwas gehört.

„Unverbrauchte“ Gäste trifft man selten. Dehalb habe ich Morgan gebeten, mir am Ende der Woche ein paar Zeilen über seine Eindrücke zukommen zu lassen. Obwohl er darin viel über Bier schreibt, hat er nicht darauf vergessen. DANKE!

I attended my first ever traditional beer festival this week at the Villacher Kirchtag. As I have never attended such a traditional event in the heart of Austria, I didn’t know what to expect. So a friend advised me that I should try on some lederhosen and join him in the city. This is my first experience in lederhosen also so I wasn’t so confident at first. But I think they grew on me. It helped that my friend encouraged some very pretty girls to tell me how handsome I was!

My first thoughts of a beer festival would be men guzzling down large quantities of beer, but as the Villacher Kirchtag has shown me, this event is for the whole family to enjoy!! First we walked around the amusement rides, which was quite busy, full of kids! Then we made it to what I was expecting. We arrived at the brewery to witness the opening of the barrel. This I enjoyed very much as I was able to recognize and talk to a few of the towns officials and enjoy a beer or two with them also!!

Next we walked to the Hauptplatz to join more of our friends, and indulge in a few more beers! When in good company it’s hard not to enjoy yourself. I was particularly impressed with how friendly and well traveled the girls who where serving the beer! I took it apon myself to get the next few rounds, just so I could get talking a little more!

Now in my life I don’t think I’ve witnessed so many people hugging, shaking hands or having a good laugh, in such good company. I have really enjoyed myself and I will be inviting my friends to join me in Villach for the next years Kirchtag.

Morgan Ellis
Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Georg Lux